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Manuka Honey Advanced Skin Soothing Cream

Manuka Honey Advanced Skin Soothing Cream

$ 15.00

Ruby Blue Bunny

Organic Garden Fresh™ with Carrot & Pumpkin

Formulated with Certified organic* active New Zealand Manuka Beeswax and Manuka Honey known for its healing properties.* Rich in organic emollients to nourish and protect delicate skin from head to bottom to toes. Wonderful for moms tummy and breasts. Apply after breast-feeding.

pH balanced! Perfect cream for the most difficult areas. New Zealand Certified Manuka Honey 12+ blended with organic *Jojoba*, Aloe Juice* and rich Palm Fruit Oil*, Coco Butter*, and Organic Beeswax in a light cream to nourish and heal the most irritated, rough scaly red and dry skin. Non-Estrogenic

To Use: Apply a dime size directly onto affected skin areas and spread evenly. Use as often as needed. Wash hands before and after. Keep away from eyes.

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