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Green Harvest Seasoning

Green Harvest Seasoning

$ 5.50

Frontier Co-op, 1.50 oz

Our Green Harvest Seasoning blends herbs, veggies, nutritional yeast and superfood greens for savory flavor perfect to top off any recipe. Bright notes of citrus peek through this savory herb blend, rounding out the flavors for a versatile essential seasoning. Add to your favorite recipes for bright, earthy, savory flavor. Season tofu, meat, fish or veggies or mix with olive oil and vinegar for a robust veggie-and-greens flavored marinade.

Woody rosemary, tarragon and thyme play against the power-packed flavors of kale, spinach and spirulina to create a robust blend that goes anywhere. Bright notes of citrus and dill pair with pungent garlic and nutritional yeast for a perfect balance.

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